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What is Algo Trading in India ?

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If you’re someone considering trading in the funds market, there’s a high likelihood you’ve come throughout the word Algo Trading. It may make you wonder exactly what this is. Let’s examine some principles to understand it .


What’s Algo Trading?

Were you aware that in fact, a trade can generate profit margins at a rate that’s not possible for people? Introduced into the Indian stock exchange back in 2009, algorithmic transactions, popularly called Algo trading, utilize computer technologies for trading according to a specified set of controls also called algorithms.


In recent years, Algo trading in India has seen increasing interest from the share marketplace from both national and global investors. Aside from profit opportunities for your dealer, algo-trading assists in creating markets more liquid and trading much more orderly by eliminating any type of psychological participation in trading actions.

Advantages of Algo trading

Algo trading has its own advantages as this type of trading exclusively functions on calculations, thereby diluting any kind of human intervention. Occasionally, we as people have a tendency to get overwhelmed by emotions which may lead us into accepting risky trading choices thus incurring substantial losses.


That’s why algo trading would be your ideal trade practice method since it omits any conclusions being made under any emotional impact with minimum human involvement.

In algo trading, simultaneous sovereign marketplace tests are created to execute trades in the best possible rates. High-frequency trading manages to put a high number of stakes at an extremely large rate in many markets, dependent on multiple algorithmic choice parameters.


Algo trading plans

Here are the most Frequent trading strategies utilized in algo trading:

Trend following approaches

In algorithmic trading, trend following approaches are the easiest and simplest approaches to do because these approaches don’t involve making any forecasts or cost predictions.


This pertains to implementing an algorithm to spot lucrative cost differentials within many markets and putting orders effectively, thus allowing protected chances.This sort of strategy identifies categorizing and specifying a cost range and executing an algorithm established that enables trades to be put robotically whenever the cost of an asset breaks in and from its definite variety.

To begin with, you have to have familiarity with personal computer programming languages to plan the compulsory trading plan or readymade trading program. You also have to have access to trading programs and net access to place orders. Access to market information feeds which are going to be tracked by the algorithm is required also.


You also have to understand how to back-test the machine until it goes live from the real markets. Available historical data for backtesting is dependent upon the intricacy of principles bestowed upon from the algorithm.

Algo trades assist experienced traders intensify the efficacy of trade execution and identify fleeting trading chances. If you’re a committed investor, you have to make it a point to try out algo trading. The addition of efficiency on your transactions is very likely to surprise you.

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